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1) Comptia Network+/A+

This is the fundamental certification of certifications. With these two certifications you will gain the fundamental skills to work on computers and networks both of which are vital in today’s building automation sector. Examples of skills you will learn: Network wiring and communication standards, Hardware types, how computers and networks work. Each of these skills will make you a better technician as you will truly understand the functionality of the devices you work with in the field.


2a) Microsoft MCSA Server 2012

This certification provides you the ability to administer and configure Microsoft Servers. A large majority of BAS software suites require a MS server to run their applications. Understanding Active Directory, IIS, Web Services, and Server OS are vital for making that leap from an entry-level tech to a system engineer.


2b) Cisco CCENT (ICND1)

This certification will not only teach you the fundamentals of networking. It will also teach you the details of routing, subnetting, and administering a small level network. This certification will give you the knowledge to talk to fellow IT professionals and will further expand your capabilities around network setup and troubleshooting.



The PMP (Project Management Professional) is more about the journey then it is about the cert. Sure the PMP cert on average increases ones salary by 10,000 USD, but the real benefit is all of the project management fundamentals you will learn pursuing this certification. This certification is immensely valuable if you find yourself in a project management role.


4) Microsoft MCSA SQL 2012

In days of old databases were stored in notepad files and MS Access. Well those days are long gone for the most part and pretty much every vendor has settled upon an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) RDBMS of which MS SQL (Sequential Query Language) is one of the more common. It is of great importance that you learn how to work with and how to extract data from SQL databases if you ever want to step into the world of custom integration.


5) VMWare VCA

With so many of our server components being deployed on virtual servers it is becoming more and more imperative that we understand how to install and setup virtual servers. This certification will give you expertise around one of the more common virtual platforms.



What certifications do you think should be on this list? Post your top 5 in the comments below!

Phil Zito

Written by Phil Zito

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