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4 min read

How to Integrate Systems

Integrating systems is not difficult. 

I know, as I write this there are hundreds of people out in the field right now...

6 min read

How to Identify What Vertical Market you Should Serve

John is trying to grow his Building Automation Business from $12M in revenue to $20M in revenue over the next 12...

10 min read

Making Sense of indoor air quality

You've probably been hearing a lot lately on the topic of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). And for good reason, recently a...

3 min read

Read These 3 Tips About Building Automation Retrofit Sales To Double Your Business

There's a market opportunity that is coming that I don't see anyone talking about and that is the coming retrofit...

3 min read

Is your BAS open?

Back when I worked at Johnson Controls I used to get asked this question quite a bit..

What question is that you ask?


2 min read

IT vs OT... What does it mean?

There's been a phrase floating around lately, and if I'm honest, it's driving me nuts. I'm not quite sure why but it...

3 min read

5 Reasons Why Your Building is Still Dumb...

Take a look around the Internet and you'll see a ton of "thought-leadership" around the topic of smart buildings. It...

19 min read

My most common IT questions

In this article I am going to explore a lot of the different IT questions I've been asked by my IT for BAS Students. As...

8 min read

6 things you might not know about IP Addresses

So what is an IP Address?

And why should you care?

In this post I discuss one of the most fundamental concepts of...

2 min read

What's in a name a look at BAS naming Standards

I'm an advocate of standards. In a complex world, standards make things a little bit easier. But yet, it seems outside...